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 Newport Beach, CA
Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm PST
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Don is a recognized tax specialist, and is a much sought-after business advisor. Don began his career in 1976 at Arthur Andersen & Company. He opened his own CPA firm in 1981, and merged his practice with Haynie & Company in 1986. Don has been the Managing Partner of the firm since 1986. Throughout his career, Don has had the good fortune of working with bright, hard-driving entrepreneurs, and many have remained his clients for over 30 years.

Don’s expertise includes an extensive concentration in real estate, including: construction, development, and management. He has been involved in all aspects of real estate for his clients, including coordination with attorneys, tax compliance, and extensive tax planning. Working one-on-one with the owners of closely held businesses, Don gains the confidence of all parties involved in all transactions, and is able to provide useful assistance throughout the entire real estate project. Don has an additional area of expertise, aside from real estate, in assisting his diversified clients in determining the best entity for them to use in their businesses, i.e., whether they should form a Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Partnership, or LLC. Don’s unique ability to really understand the business, and to consider not only the immediate needs of his clients, but also their long range goals, allows him to zero-in on the best form of business entity for his clients to use.

Don has been married to his wife, Sheila, his high school sweetheart, for 43 years, and they have lived in Orange County for over 35 years. They both attended the University of Southern California and they have three children, and seven grandchildren.

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